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what we do

We use a series of TEMPLATE PLATFORMS in order

to customize your digital needs efficiently and

effectively. We turn basic templates into design

quality content. Think about the popular platforms

like Canva, Adobe Spark, and other similar platforms. We provide a service that fills the gap between you hiring a graphic designer for your everyday needed content that needs to be professional for your brand, but not necessarily custom designed through Photoshop and Illustrator. We specialize in social media designs and branding content. We provide a service to those who need to focus on their personal craft(s) and would rather hire someone else to complete

the DIY graphics that have become an expectation

for every entrepreneur. Look at us as the MIDDLE MAN



Why wreck your brain,

when you can simply hire us

why we do it

Business Owners KEEP getting taken

advantage of in the graphic industry.

We see case after case where a graphic designer

has over-promised, over-charged and under-provided. Countless entrepreneurs get started with their brands and then have no ideal way of keeping their audiences engaged on social media, websites, emails, and more!

It all takes PROFESSIONAL CONTENT, but waiting half of a year, spending over half of your business's budget and not knowing who to TRUST is not helpful. this is why we felt this was so important. We understand how frustrating it can be to take your digital brand into your own hands when that isn't the craft you were called to perfect.

We want entrepreneurs to have access to

a resource that takes their brands

to the next level and

makes sense for their



About The Owner


Shydae' Stallworth

CEO, owner &

Lead Designer 

Shydae' Antoinette Stallworth is the owner and CEO, and lead designer of Cruci Digital. Born and raised in Atlanta, Ga, she has returned to impact as many business owners, as she can, through EXAMPLE AND RESOURCES.


As an entrepreneur connected to multiple industries, she has experienced the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. As a Mary Kay independent beauty consultant, she has empowered over 60 women to start their own businesses and create multiple streams of income. She worked in Tennessee, New York and Atlanta for 6 years in marketing and direct sales, but she soon got tired of being manipulated in faulty business partnerships that took advantage of her creativity and skills.


She decided to TURN HER EXPERIENCES INTO ASSETS and became a great resource for herself as much as she was for others. She later realized that many of her business peers had similar experiences, but they were being hindered by not having access to READY content and RELIABLE resources to complete their business projects.


Shydae' became the go-to for all of her peers for her graphic skills and creative outlook. She soon realized that there was a SPECIFIC PROBLEM that needed a SPECIFIC SOLUTION. She has had the opportunity to grow in Creative Direction, which has been one of her lifelong goals. She officially launched Cruci Digital in January of 2019. The rest is being written.

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