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About The Owner


Shydae' Stallworth

CEO, owner &

Creative Director

Shydae' Antoinette Stallworth is the owner, CEO & Creative Director of Cruci Digital. She attended Tennessee State University before transitioning to Long Island, New York to further her career and education in art & business. 

She has been a leader in Mary Kay Cosmetics for over 5 years and continues to empower women to enter into the marketplace and ministry through various avenues. She aspires to be a national sales director as she builds leaders and establishes a global empire within the company.

She launched Cruci Digital in 2019 and proceeded to develop the company year after year with greater services and team development. As a creative director, she specializes in providing creative strategy, digital innovation, and designs that are custom to the Brand, Ministry, or Business. 


As a believer in the return of Jesus Christ, she aims to build the empires of believers all over the world as they prepare for his coming. She has launched the ministry, Peculiar Prodigies, to become a safe space for believers all over the world who are seeking the true Kingdom of God.

Her empire expands every year, and she is enjoying her journey with God through every business, relationship, and ministry to come. Her new journey in being a leader of leaders is allowing her to share the wisdom, knowledge, and prophetic strategy that God continues to share with her.