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Image by Harry Shelton

Solana Magee

Get ready to be blown completely off your feet! She’s absolutely amazing at what she does! Shydae' is the creative director that will bring your dream and your vision to life! She’s a whole fire house with so many amazing gifts and talents under her belt!


Alicea Douse

Shydae’ is so knowledgeable when it comes to the digital presentation of your business. When you hire Shydae’ She goes above and beyond for your business; making sure that all of your initial systems are set up, making sure your website speaks to your brand and message, and setting you up for success when it comes to marketing yourself and your business in the online space. She thinks of things that we may just not know because she is truly an expert in her field. Expect to be pushed out of your comfort zone because Shydae’ will not allow you to stay there!


Alayshia Seimone

My experience with Cruci Digital has and will be unmatched. They understood my needs and literally mapped out my entire business in our first meeting. Im not sure where I would be without their dedication and guidance.