Are you A Marketplace or ministry Leader ready to shift from Full Time Job to Full Time God?

Are you ready to jump into the marketplace And dive into ministry?! What if i told you the combo of the 2 is the key to your freedom?!

Give your yes to God and LET'S DO IT!!!!

We are ready to support YOU in your SHIFT!

I'm tired of seeing us bound! I'm tired of seeing us depressed! I'm tired of waiting on someone to come and save us! It's time for us to shift!

Are you ready to HAVE SUPPORT in transitioning from your full time job to being full time God? Are you willing to shift your mind, your purpose, your business, and your ministry to the Place God has for YOU?!  

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, then click the apply button below!

Office Building

Kayla Reese

Shydae' is very attentive to what you say you want and desire. The time she spends with you is well worth it. She allows you to be you, but corrects you if it doesn’t makes sense.. or if you are going to confuse the people with what you are attempting to put together. She helps you to put things in chronological order that God tells her will bring you into a greater level or worth.

Jet'aime McKinney

You will not regret this decision... Do it, do it, do it!!! Shydae' is anointed for this role. She can literally hear an idea that I have and see farther beyond what even I often see. She has so much wisdom as a creative director and always has the best strategy to take your vision to the next level. She is truly a "marketplace midwife". She will coach you, support you, and push you (in love) as you birth any and every vision that God put in you.

Ashanti Odom-Pitts

Extremely professional, exceeded expectations and delivery was fast and flawless. There is definitely something special about a company that you can share your vision with and they execute without issues or hesitation!! My number one choice for all my creative needs!


Sandra Perkins

My experience has been nothing short of amazing.  I am super particular about professionalism . Cruci Digital is always prompt,  thorough, and support approachable.  I even received a call during a family emergency.  It is refreshing to have an experience that combines professionalism with a family feel.  I highly recommend Cruci Digital. Thank you for all you do!

Patrice Mason

Shydae (Cruci Digital) has truly been an inspiration to me and has also changed the way I view myself and my vision. Cruci Digital has taught me about marketing, prompting, and most importantly, how to value MYSELF! I have learned that you can not truly be effective or successful until you understand your VALUE! Cruci Digital will put you on the road to freedom and financial success. If full time ministry and entrepreneurship is what you seek, then Cruci Digital will get you there!

Shaquasha Houp

Definitely go forward in reaching out to Shydae. She is very knowledgeable and has a grace and anointing to do what she does. She took all of the different pieces of what I’ve dreamed of for years and helped bring it altogether to make sense to me in the bigger scheme of what God has me here on earth to do.